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  Big Hill Race Report, posted on 12 Nov 2009 by Tad
I have to admit my attendance at the final round this past weekend was a bit of a last minute decision on my part.  I had originally planned on going to the final OMA round in Illinois, but with all the rain they had during the week that kinda swayed my decision because that place is nasty even when it is dry.

One Crazy Summer, posted on 21 Jul 2009 by Marty
A lot of time has passed......some things have changed and some things will never change.

IXCR Race , posted on 12 Jul 2009 by Jeff
Home from the IXCR

Holy Crap!!!!, posted on 12 Jun 2009 by Marty
Wow!  It's been a while since I have up held my duties for Wasting Time Films.  

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Thanks to Halcomb's for throwing out the $30 holeshot to our row, vet c. Which I did not get unless he paid the 3rd person though and not the first. I ended up 2nd into the woods thanks to my trusty Rekluse clutch that makes the old KXF jump off the line. Within the first couple miles I made the pass for 1st when the person in front of me got caught up behind a person that got stuck in a mud hole. I was off. I was riding well and the track was sick thanks to the hard work put in by the guys with the IXCR. The first lap was a little slick, but by the second lap it has tacked up very well. I ended up going down in a very slick creek section and letting a couple riders go past. I came trough the check on the 3rd lap in second, which I was very pleased with. The track was very hard on the old body, so by the end of the 3rd lap I was just waiting for Marty or Chris to lap me so I could call it a good day. About 4 miles from the finish here came Chris which had a great ride today and not far behind was Marty. I stopped on the lap before and put a barbwire fence out to catch the other guys in my class, but I guess Marty got in it instead. Sorry, just looking out for me. All in all it was a good day for the WTF crew with Chris in 1st, Marty in 2nd OA and I got 3rd in class. Thanks to the IXCR for a great track and ProMoto and Rekluse for helping me out throughout the year. Look forward to seeing a couple of you at the 3rd Annual WTF ride coming up July 18th. Later.
Posted on 12 Jul 2009 by Jeff