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  Big Hill Race Report, posted on 12 Nov 2009 by Tad
I have to admit my attendance at the final round this past weekend was a bit of a last minute decision on my part.  I had originally planned on going to the final OMA round in Illinois, but with all the rain they had during the week that kinda swayed my decision because that place is nasty even when it is dry.

One Crazy Summer, posted on 21 Jul 2009 by Marty
A lot of time has passed......some things have changed and some things will never change.

IXCR Race , posted on 12 Jul 2009 by Jeff
Home from the IXCR

Holy Crap!!!!, posted on 12 Jun 2009 by Marty
Wow!  It's been a while since I have up held my duties for Wasting Time Films.  

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Holy Crap!!!!
  I really have to apologize to the guys and everyone else that has been checking back to the site to see what has been happening.  I have had a lot on my plate over the past month and winning races has not been my only priority and responsibility.  For those of you that don't know, I am getting married next week.  Crazy, right?  I never thought I would be at this place in my life, but I guess it is part of growing up?  Or maybe a lapse in judgment or good decision making?  Kidding!  I have got myself a good woman and she has been with me for damn near 8 years through all of the broken bones, bumps, bruises, highs and lows.  She knows that motorcycles make me tick and has been really supportive through it all.  So, it is only fitting that I make her a true part of the team.
   So, as you all can tell there has been a lot going on.  We had my bachelor party a couple weeks ago at a hunting lodge about an hour from the house.  It was sick!!!!!  My good friend Jeremy and my brother, Seth organized it all and everyone that attended was treated to some sporting clays.  What a great time.  I think there was around 28 of us.  Some of my childhood friends came, sponsors,  close friends, family, hunting buddies, and friends of friends.  We were all treated to a great time and dinner as well as some ice cold beverages after the guns and ammo were put up.  Of course!  Kudos to everyone who came especially those who help make it a reality. 
   The very next day I attended an Indiana Cross Country event in Cross Plains, In. with everyone's favorite track personality and my race weekend entourage Whitey.  I like these races because they are really close to the house and they start early.  Nice change of pace.  The course was good and I rode probably the best I have ridden all year.  I would like to tell you that my strong ride resulted in a victory, but Factory Suzuki star Charlie Mullins pretty much took it, hands down.  Teddy (his cousin) and I duked it out for runner up honors, but i was denied due to a last lap brain fart in a creek crossing.  Nough said.  After the race was over I had to hurry home so I could meet Laura (soon to be Mrs. Marty Michels, crazy!)  at her bridal shower to pick up all of our sweet gifts.  It was a long weekend, I am actually getting exhausted just thinking about it all over again.  Good times.
   This past weekend I opted out of the shit hole GNCC in Millfield, OH.  I have never enjoyed going to that event and I have only had one good result in 10 years of going to that place.  So I loaded up the "Silver Bullet" (my van) and headed Northwest to Attica, In. home of the Badlands Off-Road Park.  This was round 4 of the Midwest Cross Country Series.  I had never been to the place so I figured why not give it a go.  Some people said the place was terrible and others said it could be good.  Well it turned out to be pretty good.  I overalled the event and really felt like I have started to come full circle with my speed and bike set-up again, FINALLY!!  I rode a good solid race and really pushed myself to see where I stood fitness wise and how the bike reacted in all different scenarios.  Since this place had pretty much everything you could imagine as far as terrain goes, it was a good test.  I turned the van back toward home after I collected some cash because I had to go out to dinner with my Dad for my birthday.  Nothing like a free meal folks.
  My crazy couple weeks did not stop there.  After working all day on Monday I had to hurry home to get the Yamaha cleaned up and tore down.  I had to get my suspension boxed up and off to my homey Richard at House Of Horsepower.  Since I am leaving this weekend for my wedding, there is no better time to get things freshened up and tweaked a bit.  So, now when I get home everything will be ready to rock because I have a pretty crazy schedule laid out for the rest of the summer and fall.  I am ready to start reestablishing myself as the guy to beat in the Open A class in the OMA's.  It's not going to be easy because there are a couple of guys going good, but I know what I am capable of in the trees and the tight confines of these events.  That's right,  you heard it hear my confidence is coming back after an up and down start to the season. 
  If you did not notice, I decided to skip talking about Round 3 of the OMA's in Rio Grande, OH.  I had the worst performance ever.  My head just was not in it all day.  I could not focus, and my arms stayed pumped up all day.  It was miserable.  I could not wait to get off my bike and go home.  I still came away with 4th in class and 20th overall, but it was way below my lofty expectations of myself.  Everything just felt wrong.  I hate those kind of races and I just want to forget it, but I dwell on stuff like that and I think that is what has been pushing lately.  Not to feel like that again.
  Since I will be coming back home on the day of the next OMA in Michigan.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it.  It is what it is, I guess.  That gives me a few weeks before the next round in Wisconsin, which I am already anxiously awaiting.  Don't worry though I have already found a couple races to do before then, so I will be ready!  No diggity No doubt.
   I guess the next time I write I will have a wife.  Crazy!  Take care and keep it between the trees.  I also have pics I sent Tad to put up with my blog.

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Posted on 12 Jun 2009 by Marty