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  IXCR Race , posted on 02 Jun 2009 by Jeff
I went to Indiana to run an IXCR race this past Sunday.

OMA RD 2 Millerstown, KY., posted on 13 May 2009 by Marty
Big improvement!

Getting Ready, posted on 05 May 2009 by Marty
Just giving this new blog idea a go with the Wasting Time guys.

Race Reports/Blogs Coming Soon, posted on 25 Apr 2009 by Tad
Blogs and Race Reports are coming soon to!

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It was a rough morning after being out late with Marty and friends for his bachelor party. The nice thing was the race was only an hour from the house. I got to the track around 9am with a start time of 11am, so I took my time getting ready. About 10:45 I went up to the start and once again I have the biggest class of the morning. We lined up about 30 deep. The green flag dropped and we were off. With an unusual 2 kick start I was off. I was in the top 10 headed into the creek. Right before the woods there was a creek jump with a different line around the jump, but it took longer. Well, I wanted to go around on the 1st lap just to check the jump out, but I missed the cut off and had to go for it. It ended up not being too bad. Once we got into the woods the dirt was perfect. The track the IXCR folks laid out was great. About 1/2 way through the first lap I got taken out again (take out # 3) and lost my front brake. I made it though and stopped at the Mullins pit and Ted hooked be up and had me back under way with feeling in my brake. After the 1st lap I was in 6th. I felt really good and was loving the track, so I was pushing very hard. On about the 4th lap I caught my friend Shawn and passed him and I knew I would have a battle coming to get that spot back. He had to stop for fuel, so I was able to pull away just enough. I came through the check in 4th at the end of the 4th lap. Still not happy I kept pushing. All the rocks and roots came to play that day too. I ended up hitting one of them and getting a flat tire. Couldn't stop now, just 1 lap to go. I just wanted to make sure nobody passed me on that last lap. I came through the final check point in 4th and 33rd overall. It was a good day considering. I want to thank Rekluse for the clutch because that thing is sick in slick and rocky conditions. Fastway, so I didn't break any levers or fingers when I went down. MotoXtremes for the rest of the parts I will be stopping by for this week. Wasting Time Films. Thanks to all the IXCR folks for putting on a great race.
Posted on 02 Jun 2009 by Jeff